Jason CalacanisAll it takes is one great leader in the community to make things happen. Kirsten is very selfless about it. I met her, just a wonderful, delightful person who came to London to meet with us, hard working and just does it for the love of the startups and for the love of the community. This is why we do it, so she is sort of one of our people.

Jason Calacanis
Mahalo & ThisWeekIn

Dave SchappellIf you’re looking for “what’s next” in education, Kirsten Winkler should be your starting point — her passion for the education space is unparalleled, and her ability to connect the dots between innovative people and organizations makes her second
to none.

Dave Schappell
Founder and CEO

Kevin ChenKirsten Winkler is one of the most knowledgeable people in the field of online language education. She understands the academic perspective given her experience as a professional language teacher. Given her background and perspective, her analyses are both insightful and influential.

Kevin Chen

Gagan BiyaniKirsten is one of the most knowledgeable figures in the education 2.0 movement. There are few, if any, icons in the education media who have the depth of knowledge and insight that Kirsten does about the future of education on the web.

Gagan Biyani

Jon BischkeKirsten has her finger on the pulse of the online education industry. She knows just about every CEO worth knowing and is incredibly passionate about helping startups succeed. For anyone looking to work with someone “dialed in” to online edu, look no further than Kirsten.

Jon Bischke
eduFire & Entelo

Bernhard NiesnerKirsten is the CNN for online education. Whenever there is something new in this fast moving industry, you will find it immediately on her blog. Her analysis are sharp, unbiased and straight to the point. Kirsten´s articles are a must-read for everybody involved in online education.

Bernhard Niesner