Social media accounts are the new resume, but they are also the new business card for startups. Social media activity shows expertise and allows you to get genuine user feedback on your product.

The Problem

Most startup founders and team members are already stretched thin with other important work. Taking care of the social media activities is often the last item on the to-do list. Yet, a lively social media stream is an important sign to potential customers, journalists and investors.

In order to build a relevant following and community around your brand or product, you need to provide interesting links and updates on a daily basis.

The Solution

To help startup founders with their social media strategy, the team at Winkler Media created our Social Media Heartbeat service. This service provides your social media outlets with interesting, handpicked stories and news on a daily basis.

Interesting education technology and related news are our daily bread and butter. We scan and curate the news streams, surfacing the best stories and sharing it through our diverse social media channels.

Now you can profit from our hard work and fill your Twitter or Facebook stream with relevant news and stories in your vertical.

The Package

Before we start filling your stream, you are going to have a talk with one of our team members, profiling your startup, defining the verticals you would like to cover and your target audience. We ask you if your startup in the K-12, higher education or young learners space. Are you targeting teachers, parents, students, faculty. Are you in the STEM, arts, lifelong learning, language acquisition space etc.

Our Social Media Heartbeat package includes 15 Twitter or Facebook updates per week. Updates are hand picked by the Winkler Media team and selected to fit your target group and vertical.

Attention: The Social Media Heartbeat does not include interaction with your Twitter followers or Facebook fans. We believe that the relationship between the startup and its followers needs to stay in the hands of the founders or someone within the startup.

The Social Media Heartbeat provides support of your social media vital functions and prevents your edtech startup from turning into a social media zombie.

The Price

 Individuals, Unfunded Startups Funded Startups
 $150 per month (*) $250 per month (*)
 $1500 per year $2500 per year
(*) minimum three months commitment

Get in touch

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